Re-release Ep. 24 Diners, Dueling Grounds, and Dives: Roadside Architecture and the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area with Aaron Marcavitch

July 16, 2018

Enjoy this re-release of episode 24 from our archives as PreserveCast takes a quick summer break. Explore roaside architecture along Maryland's historic Route One with our executive producer Aaron Marcavitch in "Diners, Dueling Grounds, and Dives." Sit back, listen up, and relax while we return with a new episode soon.

Listen here:

Route One was once America’s thoroughfare, built over the older Quebec-Miami International Highway and the Atlantic Highway. A decent stretch of this old road falls under the purview of Aaron Marcavitch, the Executive Director of Maryland’s Anacostia Trails Heritage Area and this week’s guest. Aaron is an advocate for the preservation of roadside architecture, ranging from diners that predate the highway system to an old Woolworth’s. This is all in addition to his work preserving communities and buildings throughout his area, including an old dueling ground just north of Washington D.C. Roll down the window and put your feet on the dash, this is PreserveCast.