PreserveCast Ep. 35: The Archives of M.A.R.M.I.A.: Audio and Visual Media Preservation

September 5, 2017

Historic Preservation is about maintaining a record of human history and those who have come before us, and that doesn't just mean buildings. Film, tape, and other analog media mediums are not going to last forever, and there are only a few people out there who understand the potential threat of losing countless hours of recorded information, and have the technical skill, the energy, and the passion to do something about it. Fortunately for us, Siobahn Hagan is one of those people, and she joined Nick to talk about the work she does with her non-profit, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Moving Images Archive, including digitizing the WJZ local news archive. You can learn more here: ( Fire up the projector and turn down the lights, this is PreserveCast.