PreserveCast Ep. 19: Revitalization and the Restoration Economy

May 15, 2017

Here at Preservation Maryland we know that historic preservation can be a part of a larger world of reuse and revitalization, and we know that these projects are occuring all over the world. That's why we brought in Storm Cunningham, a speaker, consultant, and thinker whose ideas have been put into practice all across the globe about his perspective on revitalization. Learn about the bigger picture of community revitalization and how we can make the most of our existing world in the 21st century on this episode of PreserveCast.


PreserveCast Ep. 18: Moving Historic Buildings

May 8, 2017

From power lines to old wood floors, there are a lot of challenges to overcome if you want to move a historic building. Fortunately for us, Jeremy Bradham, of Capitol Area Preservation in Raleigh, North Carolina, is able to explain how to overcome those challenges. Jeremy talks us through a typical building move, as well as weighing in on how changing a building's location can change its historic context. It's not going be too bumpy of a ride, but you still might as well strap in for this episode of PreserveCast. 


PreserveCast Ep. 17: Tricks of the Trade with The Craftsman Blog

May 1, 2017

Nick is joined by Scott Sidler of the and Austin Home Restorations in Orlando, Florida, to discuss a range of topics, including Scott's tips on restoring historic windows in your own home, as well as the story of how a man who moved to Orlando Florida to "work for the mouse" came to run one of the most successful historic home restoration and preservation websites in the world. It's hot down in Orlando, so why cool not off for a while with a nice easy-listening episode of PreserveCast.


PreserveCast Ep. 16: Energy Retrofitting: Windows, Blower Doors, and More

April 24, 2017

What do you do with a drafty attic? A window? The whole house? Ed Minch and Thom Marston are here with us today to talk about one approach to making homes more energy efficient and their work at the nation's first energy audit company, Energy Services Group. Stick around and learn about Ed's "p.h.d." approach, what Thom thinks you should do about that old attic, and what retrofitting can mean in terms of historic preservation. This is PreserveCast.


PreserveCast Ep. 15: Augmented Reality in the World of Preservation

April 17, 2017

Ever visit a historic site and wish that you could see just a little bit more of what things were really like? Thanks to the work of Greg Werkheiser and his partners at ARtGlass, that will soon be possible. Listen as Nick and Greg discuss the future of augmented and virtual reality in historic preservation and heritage tourism, as well as Greg's pioneering work as a cultural heritage lawyer. You don't need VR goggles to get the full experience, just press play and listen to PreserveCast!


PreserveCast Ep. 14 Tolson’s Chapel and the History of Reconstruction

April 10, 2017

Tolson's Chapel was once a school, a church, and the center of a community. Now, thanks to the work of folks like our guest Edie Wallace (as well as Preservation Maryland) it may hopefully serves as a way to glimpse into the often overlooked second act of the story of the Civil War and the emancipation of slavery. Nick sat down this week with the President of the non-profit Friends of Tolson's Chapel, to discuss the challenges associated with preserving this unique building, and why it and similar preservation projects are a key part of the full story of the Civil War. This is PreserveCast.

This episdoe is part of our focus series on the history of the Antietam Battlefield.


PreserveCast Ep. 13: Architectural Documentation Best Practices with HABS/HAER

April 3, 2017

Who do you look to when you need historic places, vehicles and more documented on a national level? Well, the National Parks are at your Service! This week Nick spoke to the head of the Historic American Building Survey, Catherine Lavoie, as well as a representative from the Historic American Engineering Record, Dana Lockett. Learn about how Catherine and Dana work to document everything from buildings to landscapes to a space shuttle on this episode of PreserveCast.


PreserveCast Ep. 12: Civil War Medicine and the Modern Day

March 27, 2017

Jake Wynn joins Nick this week from the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. Learn how the study and practice of medicine from the Civil War period is relevant today, and about how Jake and his colleagues are opening the museum up to new audiences through the use of technology, social media, and a variety of innovative practices. We promise it won't hurt a bit. Check out this week's PreserveCast!

This episdoe is part of our focus series on the history of the Antietam Battlefield.


PreserveCast Ep. 11: Planning for Self-Driving Cars: Now is the Time

March 20, 2017

We're not too far from a future where self-driving cars are just another part of your daily commute. And according to our guest, Atul Sharma, that will change a lot more than just how you drive. Come and learn how Atul, a planning expert working for Montgomery Country, MD, sees self-driving cars affecting everything from parking and traffic to where we choose to live and how we choose to utilize our historic buildings and communities. Just hit play and sit back while the podcast plays itself.


PreserveCast Ep. 10: Everyday Ways to Protect Historic Cemeteries

March 13, 2017

Cemeteries need preserving too! This week, Eileen McGuckian is here to fill us in on the ins and outs of cemetery preservation in general, and in her home of Rockville, MD. Come explore some of our most tangible means of memory on this week's PreserveCast. Also note! This week we're spreading the preservation love as we welcome guest host Meagan Baco.