PreserveCast Ep. 34: Saving Froelicher Hall: Goucher College’s Historic Building Move

August 28, 2017

Moving a historic home is already a challenge, but moving a historic college dorm? Stick around while Nick talks to Terence McCann, Jr., the Director of Facilities Management Services at Goucher College, where they are in the process of moving three out of four of the original buildings that make up Froelicher Hall. This move is historic in more ways than one, as it is also one of the biggest and fastest building move projects ever attempted. After the episode, you can check out live updates on the move here: ( This is PreserveCast.


PreserveCast Ep. 33: Revolving Funds, Easements, and D.C. Preservation with the L’Enfant Trust

August 21, 2017

Historic Preservation is not always accomplished through the same methods, and it's certainly not the same everywhere you go. That's why Nick sat down with Lauren Oswalt McHale, President of the L'Enfant Trust in Washington, D.C., to compare notes on some of the trust's biggest programs. This includes their massive conservation easement program, as well as the trust's work using a revolving fund to redevelop historic properties in the Anacostia neighborhood in Southeast D.C., an area whose history has too often been ignored. This is PreserveCast.


PreserveCast Ep. 32: Live from the Old Line State Summit!

August 14, 2017

On July 12th of this year, preservationists from across the state of Maryland convened at the U.S. Naval Academy to take part in the Old Line State Summit, Preservation Maryland's annual conference. Participants learned about all of the most current topics in the field, ranging from virtual and augmented reality, to the preservation of LGBTQ history, and podcasting! Join Nick and guests Diane Caslow, of the Preservation Maryland Board, Susan Giddings of the Friends of the Rising Sun Inn, and Catherine Rogers Arthur from the Maryland State Archives, along with the "studio audience" for a special recording of PreserveCast, Live from the Old Line State Summit!


PreserveCast Ep. 31: Saving the Numero Uno Taco Bell

August 7, 2017

Every once in a while we in the preservation community can do with a pick me up; a preservation story where in spite of the challenges, people's better nature prevails. And honestly that is the case with our guests this week, Matt Prince of Taco Bell, and Katie Rispoli Keaotamai of We Are The Next. With the support of Taco Bell, the local Conservancy of Downey, CA, and countless taco-loving citizens, Katie and Matt spearheaded the movement to save the building that was home to the very first Taco Bell. Stick around to hear how a few individuals and a corporate citizen who is willing to listen made national news. This is PreserveCast.