PreserveCast Ep. 30: GIS and Technological Advances in Archaeology

July 31, 2017

There's more to modern archaeology than the old shovel and trowell. With the use of Geographic Information Systems, archaeologists can create maps of land surface down to extraordinarily specific levels, and predict sites for teams to go in and dig. Nick sat down with Stacy Poulos from Maryland's own Anne Arundel County to discuss the many advances in technology in archaeology including GIS, laser scanning, and the potential future developments like holographic displays of lost buildings! This is PreserveCast.


PreserveCast Ep. 29: Glass, Gas, and the Past: Neon Sign Preservation and Restoration

July 24, 2017

Although not always the first thing to come to mind as a cultural resource in need of preservation, neon signs are a unique form of art that exist at the crossroads of 20th century popular history and the preservation of what can make a community unique. And they look cool doing it. Join us as Paul Greenstein, an expert in creating and restoring neon signage from Los Angeles, CA, shares some of his knowledge of how exactly neon works, what it takes to restore an old sign, and the state of the neon sign community today. Shine on, you crazy noble gases, this is PreserveCast!


PreserveCast Ep. 28: We Are The Next: Youth Engagement in the 21st Century

July 17, 2017

Historic Preservation is meant to keep the best parts of the past alive so that future generations can partake in these shared cultural resources. But what is the point of that if future generations aren't interested, or simply don't know how to approach the world of preservation? Thankfully, Katie Rispoli Keaotamai, the founder and executive director of We Are The Next, is here to share about the work her nonprofit is doing to help youth in traditionally underserved and overlooked communities learn how to be active citizens, and understand the value of preserving their neighborhoods and communities. Katie's joining us from Southern California, but her message applies around the world. This is PreserveCast.


PreserveCast Ep. 27: Energy Sprawl and Open Space Preservation in Kent County

July 10, 2017

The spread of clean energy technologies is the wave of the future, but where exactly should wind and solar plants go? Nick sat down with Elizabeth Watson and Janet Christensen-Lewis, of the Kent Conservation and Preservation Alliance in Kent County, Maryland, to discuss their experience working to find alternative locations for wind turbines away from Kent County's scenic and historic farmland. Janet and Elizabeth are tackling a difficult problem, but they believe that the necessary move to clean and sustainable energy does not have to mean erasing our past. This is PreserveCast.


PreserveCast Ep. 26: Open Source Preservation with Baltimore Heritage

July 3, 2017

These days even folks who consider themselves luddites may very well have an e-mail address. That's why it's important to consider where online all the data and information we use on a daily basis is stored, who owns, and perhaps most important, who can access. Fortunately we are joined this week by Eli Pousson of Baltimore Heritage who is eager to share with us more about the open source movement and why he believes it may be invaluable for historic preservation. This is PreserveCast.