PreserveCast Ep. 08: Lend Your Ear to a Preservation Engineer

February 27, 2017

This week Nick sits down with a bonafide preservation engineer, Mat Daw of Keast and Hood. Mat has done critical building preservation work on all different scales and all over the world, from an annual trip to the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse here in Maryland to doing disaster relief work saving buildings in Haiti. Lend us your ear as PreserveCast learns what a day in the life of a preservation engineer is like


PreserveCast Ep. 07: Laser Scanning: From a Fingerprint to a Whole Town

February 21, 2017

Podcast me up, Joe! This week's episode is all about lasers. Our guest, Joe Nicoli, works with Direct Dimensions to create valuable 3-dimensional scans of historic sites and a wide variety of items. Listen and learn more about how lasers are used in the everyday work of historic preservation, and how laser scanning may be about to revolutionize how we document sites and artifacts. 


PreserveCast Ep. 06: The Art of 3D Modeling

February 13, 2017

This week, Nick sits down with a Preservation Maryland staff member, Michelle Eshelman. Michelle is a frequent user of 3D modeling software and discuss how she has been able to use her skills for the benefit of preservationists. Of particular note is her work in Ellicott City, a historic town that was hit by a devastating flood in July of 2016. Grab your finest 3D modeling software while you listen to this week's PreserveCast.


PreserveCast Ep. 05: It’s Easy Being Green

February 6, 2017

We're not talking about painting a roof green! Listen to Nick talk to preservationist and architect Nakita Reed about how sustainable technologies like roof top solar panels are finding their way into the world of historic preservation. Plus Nakita talks you through some of the basic how-tos of making your historic property more sustainable, and we learn some of the challenges of straddling the two worlds of architecture and historic preservation.